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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Google Updates Its Search Engine; Uses BERT To Fact-Check Stories To Make Them More Reliable

Over the last year, Google has been updating its search engine in numerous ways using Google BERT. The tech-giant listed out its updates in Google News, Search, fact-checking, Auto-complete, breaking news detection and so on in a statement released by the Vice President of Google Search, Pandu Nayak.

On a broader level, Google is aiming for a Search engine that not only provides relevant results but also reliable information. With the Presidential election of the US just around the corner, Google is making improvements in terms of reliability and fact-checking with the help of Google BERT AI language.

List Of Updates Using Google BERT

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Rather than a new product launch, Google has focused more on making numerous updates round the past year. Some of these updates are listed below:

Full Coverage And Google BERT

Google BERT is an AI language that is helping Google to detect whether stories in the full coverage section of Google News are reliable or not. This means that Google can access its fact check database to check if there are relevant connections between that and the main Story-topic. Therefore, Full Coverage will allow users to enter a topic and find the most reliable sources, FAQs, news, social commentary, videos and so on for that topic.

Breaking News Updates

In the past, Google took over 40 minutes to surface breaking news queries. But those days are in the past as Google has announced that now it can detect breaking news queries within minutes after the news break. This will result in faster results which are both accurate and sufficient.

Auto-Complete Policy Changes

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Google is to take a conservative approach in auto-complete suggestions now that elections are nearing. During this time Google has decided to show less than more. Google BERT has made it possible for Google to show fewer suggestions but not inaccurate ones. It is to remove electoral predictions that could be misinterpreted as political bias against or for any candidate. This update is in place to ensure legitimacy and integrity mentions Pandu Nayak.

Google Shows Fact Check Label Over 4 Billion Times

Google Search shows the fact check label over 4 billion times in 2020. It is way more than the number of times it was shown in 2019. With the help of Google BERT, this fact checking label has been expanded across search, news, images and others.

Google And Wikipedia

A lot of investment on Wikipedia has been made by Google to make it an accurate and reliable source for users. It has included programs to detect Wiki errors or keep a check on Wiki edits. This will improve Google’s knowledge panel considerably.

Search Quality Guidelines

Google states that it has trained its query classifiers to understand whether a query made on Google Search agrees with the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) category. In the Search quality guidelines, Google has redefined reliability to improve its overall search health.

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