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You Can Now Play Xbox One Games on Xbox Series S

The newest gaming system in the market is the Xbox Series S from Microsoft. For a price of $299, the Xbox Series S sure offers a lot of next-gen performance. But this begs the question- where do we find the Xbox One X amidst this? Microsoft mentioned that the Xbox One- which has been targeting the 4K display since 2017 would still have a couple of advantages over the Xbox Series S. More so when it comes to running games that are Xbox One Z- enhanced. 

Xbox Series S vs Xbox One X

VGC brings up a statement from Microsoft where they have declared that the Xbox Series S exists to help users play next-gen games at a refresh rate of 60fps at 1440p resolution. In an effort to run the highest quality of backwards compatible games, the Xbox Series S would start utilizing the Xbox One S version of compatible games. They would do so by improving the filtered textures, and bringing out much more consistent frame rates. They might also be implementing Auto HDR amongst others.

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This simply means that most of the games that Xbox One runs will actually work on the Xbox Series S. Although the resolution will be a bit decreased, you will have several developments to make your experience worthwhile like a faster SSD. Considering the price of the Xbox One, the GPU will obviously help games that have unlocked frame rates. Yet, for this price, the Xbox Series S does score pretty high. 

Xbox Series S Can Run Most of the Next-Gen Games at a Very Affordable Price

There is a huge chance that most of the current-gen games would receive several updates that would help them run on the Xbox Series S. This includes games like Gears 5 or Forza Horizon 4. Unfortunately, without a patch, the game will simply be running on an Xbox One S version. According to VGC, this is pretty much the case for most of the back-ward compatible Xbox 360 games.

If you are wondering why did the developers go through so much trouble, then the answer is pretty straight-forward. The Xbox One X has been designed to provide users with the ultimate gaming experience- 4k display. This is exactly why they have a much more powerful GPU than the rest of the Xbox series. On the other hand, the Xbox Series S is built around the agenda of providing a lot more at a cheap rate. If you are an amateur, or a newbie, then the best thing would be a Xbox Series S- simply because it will run most of the next-gen games at a solid resolution of 1440p. Also, the SSD and the CPU is much faster for the Xbox Series S. 

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The message is clear- if you want something immersive and aesthetic, you go for the $499 Xbox Series X. If you want something that helps you cross the bridge into gaming, then the $299 Xbox Series S is your friend. 

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