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Tips To Fix Phone Storage Being Used Up By WhatsApp

Though WhatsApp is an extremely popular end-to-end encrypted app for the purpose of messaging, there are numerous data on the app which is unable to get processed.

Videos, gifs, and photos shared through WhatsApp are the major elements that take up most of your storage on the phone. Also, private or inappropriate photos shared via WhatsApp gets automatically saved in the phone gallery and creates awkward situations in public.

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WhatsApp media is rolling out new ways to provide users more control to decide which items to be saved and which ones need to be discarded.

Clear Out Space From WhatsApp

Since WhatsApp is easily the most used and oldest app on everyone’s phone, there are a whole lot of unnecessary items that clog the space and slow the performance of your phone.

You can go to your WhatsApp ‘Settings’ to access ‘Storage and data’ and free up space through ‘Manage’. Make sure you are deleting elements that are no longer required because they will be irretrievable after deleting.

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WhatsApp is also giving new updates to users that will provide granular control.

Stop Saving Data On Phone

You can manually stop your WhatsApp downloads from getting automatically downloaded on your phone.

These automatic downloads clog most of your phone’s space and slow down the performance. You can go to ‘Settings’ to your ‘Chats’ and access ‘Media visibility’ to turn off your automatic downloads. By turning off automatic download while your phone is working on mobile data, you can prevent it.

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