Tom Brady’s 3 Kids Root For Him At The Buccaneers’ Home Opener Match

tom brady
tom brady

On Sunday, Tom Brady, the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had his children on the playing grounds to buck him up.

Tom Brady Is A Doting Father

It was the first time that Tom Brady’s team was playing on their home grounds. Though his second wife Gisele was not present, his children more than made up for it. The match took place at Raymond James Stadium. Their opponents were the Green Bay Packers.

Tom Brady’s sisters and his mother brought the three kids to the stadium and embraced him fondly before the game began. Benjamin Rein, 12, his son and daughter Vivian Lake, 9, he shares with his present spouse Gisele. However, his 15-year-old son John Jack Edward shares with his first wife Bridget Moynahan.

A reliable source has conveyed to PEOPLE that Gisele is a hands-on mother to them but she is caught up in personal projects at the moment. Brady, 45, is also a very dutiful father. During his elder son, John’s football match, he traveled to New York to support him. Once while John’s practice matches were on he came to support him. He interacted freely and cheerfully with the other parents. 

There are different schools of thought regarding Tom Brady and his spouse Gisele. PEOPLE said that they have been staying separately for the past few weeks while others say that when the game season begins they live their own distinct lives. In the opinion of some others, Tom makes it a point to stay connected with his family. It is absurd to think that a player will get 6 months off in a year. Brady has to train as well as travel to different places.

Tom maintains a good balance between his game and family.