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Tom Schwartz Learning To Be Single Amidst Divorce: Focus Shares

Tom Schwartz is a chill man but a little nervous about “Vanderpump Rules” Season 10 starts. In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Tom Schwartz shared how he is not relearning to be single again, which in his words, is ‘strange.’ Tom shared this in the interview with his best buddy Tom Sandoval at a Los Angeles bar named Schwartz and Sandy’s that they are on the edge of opening together on Tuesday.

Sandoval intervened, the 39-year-old best friend of the celebrity, saying Schwartz didn’t even have the time to be single considering how busy they had been building the new location. In this context, this duo is currently holding a percentage of the West Hollywood Pub called TomTom as well.

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As he jumped behind the bar and created their official Schwartz & Sandy drink for the first time, it was apparent that Schwartz couldn’t contain his excitement.

Tom Schwartz Learning To Be Single After Divorce: 

Katie Maloney, Schwartz’s former wife, called it quits in March. He informed the press that it had taken him a month to quit wearing his wedding ring and that saying “the ‘D’ word” was “too difficult” at the time.

However, Maloney was present for Tuesday’s relatives and community soft opening along with Sandoval’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix.

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Maloney, 35, and Schwartz appeared to be getting along despite the fact that Schwartz was too busy mingling to engage with her much.

The Toms are seemingly closer than ever, despite all the stress that starting a pub with your best buddy may cause. In fact, they made light of the issue around the lounge’s name, which was prominently featured in Season 9 of the reality show, calling it the “lowest point” of Schwartz & Sandy’s.

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