Top 4 Social Media Platforms for Online Betting Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing Programs

With sports betting growing very rapidly in the United States, online betting affiliate marketing has become hugely popular in the country.

Online sports betting has only recently become legal in many American states, meaning that there are lots of inexperienced potential bettors in the US.

With many Americans searching for guidance on betting-related issues like best sportsbooks, bonuses and betting tips, punters with some knowledge have taken to affiliate marketing to try to meet this need and earn some decent money for their troubles simultaneously.

Some affiliates focus on more technical issues like bonuses, for example,, one of the leading bonus comparison sites in the US, while others simply dish out betting tips in the hope of getting customers to sign up with their partners.

Most online betting affiliates in the US have their own websites and get a significant percentage of their audience through search engines like Google, but not many have maximized the potential of social media.

Given the popularity of social media platforms – more than half of the world’s population use one social media platform or the other – this strategy is surely worth looking into.

Here, we discuss the five best social media platforms for online betting affiliate marketers.

1. YouTube

With an estimated 2.5 billion active monthly users, YouTube is a monster platform that every affiliate should strive to have a presence on.

YouTube functions as both a search engine and social media platform- talk about killing two birds with one stone. It’s like the perfect platform for online betting affiliates, whether you are promoting betting sites, bonuses or tips.

Given that it combines videos with text, the platform is perfect for product reviews, guides, how-tos etc.

Marketers can easily include their link in the description, taking the user straight to their site, or directly to the product they are trying to sell. The link can also be mentioned in the video.

2. Instagram

Boasting over 1 billion monthly users across the world, Instagram is another massive social media platform that can boost a marketer’s business.

The medium majorly deals in pictures and short videos, giving affiliate marketers the opportunity to promote betting products in catchy visuals.

For example, if you are into betting tips, you can put the tips into nice graphics and post on your Instagram page. That also works if you are advertising a new betting bonus.

You can include more information about the products in the description underneath the image or video. Ensure that you use betting-related tags so that anyone searching for products in your niche can find your page.

Also, Instagram can also recommend your posts to users that have a history of searching for betting queries.

Note that links posted in Instagram descriptions are not clickable. The best place to insert affiliate links on IG posts would be in your page profile. What most marketers do is to include “Link In Bio” text in their description to make users aware that the link to the product is in their bios.

3. Twitter

Twitter is another social media powerhouse that is already being used by many online betting affiliate marketers. It has been particularly useful to those in the betting tips vertical, who can post their tips and earn loads of impressions via retweets and likes.

Twitter is not as visual as Instagram or YouTube, while there is a limit to the number of characters you can include in your post, but if you can master the art of short and catchy posts, you will have great success on this platform.

Twitter allows users to include links in your tweets, so you can either link to your website or straight to the operator you are promoting.

To be successful on Twitter, you need to be consistent with your posts, (more than 10 posts per day is recommended), use hashtags, and build a community that will help retweet your posts so that you can reach as many people as possible.

4. Facebook

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms around, but is still a mighty effective medium for online advertising.

Long before the days of Instagram and Twitter, Facebook was in existence. Today, the platform still commands almost 3 billion users. Call it “old but gold” and you won’t be wrong!

If your personal facebook profile is strong enough, you can use it to promote your products, but if you’d rather separate your personal life from your business (which is arguably the smarter thing to do!), you can always create a Facebook Page or a Facebook group.

Social media has a big role to play in the success of online betting affiliate marketing; so if you have not had a social media presence, it may be a good idea to tap into any of these platforms.