Top 5 Crypto Sports All-Star

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All-star games are one of the top tournaments that are awaited by the viewers. For those who don’t know, these games occur between the top players of the sports league. 

So, it’s worth watching for obvious reasons! In fact, the influence of the all-star game is also common in NFL and NFL gambling, as several people look to interpret NFL lines. Any changes in the Pro-bowl (NFL all-star game) can affect gambling odds including the Vegas NFL odds.

Having said that, you must wonder what the crypto investments for these sports all-star players’ chosen projects must look like. To help you out, we have listed the players and the funds you might gain/lose on a $1,000 investment.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is the face of If you have ever visited the website, you will notice his smiling face right in front. He has the Socios application opened on his phone, promoting the same. Messi signed a contract of $20 million for Socios.

On an investment of $1000 on the Messi index, you would have gained $349 (between March to July).

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is fond of Bitcoin, and she considers it a great investment. In fact, her ventures called Serena Ventures have invested in Lolli, a bitcoin rewards startup.

She considers Bitcoin investments to be a step towards “financial inclusivity for all people.” That’s about right because crypto’s popularity has dominated the world so much that Japan is set to open a crypto ATM bank already.

The Serena index (made of Bitcoin) has the potential to turn $1000 into $512 and $472 between July to September.

Jessica Pegula

Back in March 2021, Jessica Peggula came up with her own NFT collection. She spoke about how it’s a “different kind of outlet” for female athletes. With her decision, she hopes to inspire other female athletes to indulge in the same.

The Pegula index would have turned $1000 investment into $793 between December 2021 to July 2022.

Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe has launched “The Collective Series,” which is a spread of digital trading cards along with Mariah Duran (skateboarder), Ibtihaj Muhammad (Fencer), and Sue Bird (NBA icon).

An investment of $1000 in the Raphione index would have turned it into $581 between April to July.

Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie is the co-founder of the social token platform Calaxy. He has always been hopeful about Bitcoin since October 2018 and appeared on Pomp’s podcast in 2020. He has been part of many crypto-oriented activities and has hosted “New Money” on CoinDesk TV.

An investment of $1000 on the Dinwiddie index would become $3521 between December 2018 to July 2022.

That’s it. These were the top 5 sports crypto all-stars for investment.