Trevor Noah And Kanye West Are At Loggerheads Once Again In 2022

trevor noah
Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah,38 had supported Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s ex-wife, and had openly criticized his irrational and unruly behavior towards her. Kanye retaliated by passing racist comments against him. He was immediately suspended from Insta and Twitter. 

Trevor Noah Says Beefing With A Person Who Has Mental Issues Not His Style

Trevor Noah, the South African Comedian hosts The Daily Show and has carved a niche for himself in the social world. When he was confronted by a spectator of his Show as to why he was beefing with Kanye West. He retorted that it was unimaginable for him to beef with someone who has mental issues. He said he was just concerned about him and nothing more.

Kanye West on the other hand is already facing the flak for his anti-Semitic remarks. But that does not deter him from doing what he wants. He even dragged George Floyd by saying he died of a drug overdose when his death had taken place at the hands of the police officer. He is being sued for 250 million dollars by Floyd’s family attorney. 

Kanye’s a recent altercation with Vogue Editor Gabriella Karafa Johnson has also raised many eyebrows. The object of controversy was his Yeezy T-shirt which had ‘White Lives Matter’ written on it. Though he has clarified that they have made up.

The Drink Champs co-hosts N.O.R.E is very apologetic that they had aired Kanye’s interview. But it is too late the damage has been done.

Trevor Noah on his Show wanted to know why irrespective of the backlash that Kanye was facing, he was still being hosted on popular shows. Kanye himself had said he had mental issues and when he was not on medicines he is not aware of what his actions were. He is basically Bipolar. Trevor Noah feels this should not be an excuse to get away by maligning others. Noah also went on to say that people mourn the dead but during their lifetime nobody bothers to say anything. He cannot be that person so he will definitely speak his mind.

Many of Kanye’s top collaborators are snapping ties with him like Gap, Adidas, and Balenciaga, just to name a few.