Twitter Tightens Policy To Clear The Fog Of Misinformation


Twitter has unveiled a new strategy to combat misinformation through its platform. The new policy will target the amplification of wrong information during times of crisis, armed conflict, unrest, and more.

The policy will prevent Twitter from being used to intensify false tweets. The changes are part of an all-out effort to encourage more accurate information, especially during testing times of crisis and conflicts. The Russia-Ukraine conflict is in the midst of another conflict being played out on social media as the western media uses its propaganda machinery to spread disinformation through social media channels.

Yoel Roth of Twitter said that the social media site was focused on ensuring that people had access to credible information at the time when the truth mattered the most. He said that the new Crisis Misinformation Policy will help protect the credibility of information available on Twitter. It will start with an immediate focus on the war in Europe.

Twitter Has Revealed That It Is Vital To Stay Connected And Share The Truth During Times Of Crisis

Twitter said in a statement that the social media site is used during times of crisis to share vital news, stay connected, and find support. It said that the new policy to combat crisis misinformation would help the amplification of false and viral content that can cause harm to vulnerable groups.

Twitter has also revealed that it will prioritize adding labels to high-profile and verified accounts that are guilty of spreading misinformation about a crisis such as public health and safety emergencies, natural disasters, and armed conflicts.

It is during such events that people need access to authoritative and credible resources and information. Any misleading information during such periods can undermine trust and put already vulnerable communities in danger.

Since the war began on February 24, the social media site has struggled to rein in the deluge of propaganda and fabricated information spread both by state-affiliated agencies and by individuals.

Twitter has revealed that it will rely on credible sources including conflict monitors, humanitarian groups, and reputed journalists.