Can Two People Have Similar Social Security Numbers?

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A Social Security Digit is crucial and used for identification throughout numerous processes, but is it possible for someone else to share my number?

How Can One Obtain A Social Security Card And Number?

There are around two methods for immigrants to apply:

– When applying for a visa as an immigrant, you can do so with the United States State Department in your country of residence before traveling to the United States, you will almost always avoid having to go to a Social Security office once you arrive in the United States if applied for a Social Security card along with your immigrant visa.

– If you have been lawfully residing in the United States, get in touch with the office of Social Security there. The list of documents you need to bring when you go to the office is explained in the section below.

– If you’re present in the country legally and submit an application to DHS, or USCIS, for work permission or permanent residence status, you may do so.

– To apply for the SSN and card, you must contact your local Social Security office if you’re in the country legally and the visa permits you to be employed there.

The Social Security Numbers Can Be Copied?

Many individuals mistakenly believe that their SSN is unique even though there are at least a million others with the same number.

Two of the 119 individuals have a 50% probability of sharing the same SSN last four digits. In a group of 180 individuals, there is an 80% probability that two among the group will share the identical SSN’s last four digits.

There is a greater than 99% chance that 2 of the 300 persons would have a similar number.

One frequent pattern is when a fraudster tries to evade the credit system of reporting by using the same name but different Social Security numbers; ID Analytics is set up to detect that form of evasion.