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United Airlines Holdings (NASDAQ: UAL) Expected to Post $3.51B Quarterly Sales

United Airlines Holdings (NASDAQ: UAL) is expected to release $3.51 billion quarterly sales by the research analysts of Zacks on 19th April. The company has $2.83 billion lowest estimate and $6.89 billion highest. United Airlines issued $7.98 billion in sales in this quarter during last year, indicating a 56% negative annualized growth rate.

On Monday, the firm started from $57.82 with the market cap being $18.41 billion. Their lowest in 1 year is $18.18 while the highest is $63.70. Their current, quick, and leverage ratio is 1.04, 0.98, and 3.22. Their 50 day rolling average is $53.27 while 200 days is $43.70.

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According to their 19th January report, their quarterly EPS was $7, missing the $6.56 consensus estimate by nearly $0.44. They had a 19.85% net negative margin with a 54.29% equity return. Their revenue was $3.41 billion, missing the $3.47 billion estimate.

Market Movements For UAL’s Forthcoming Quarterly Sales Post

Citigroup and Smith Barney, both, raised their price objective on UAL shares to $55 from $52. JPMorgan Chase and Co demoted it to $44 from $47 and reduced the rating to ‘underweight’ from ‘overweight’. Zacks lifted the rating to ‘hold’ from ‘sell’ and allotted it $45. Goldman Sachs upped it to $74 from $54 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. The firm has the average ‘hold’ recommendation with a $48.37 price objective.

Andrew Nocella, EVP, sold off $11,000 UAL shares at $54.56 EPS worth $600,160. Gerald Laderman, CFO, sold off 10,000 UAL shares at $54 EPS worth $540,000. Insiders own 0.40% of United Airlines’ stock.

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US Global Investors raised their holdings on United Airlines stock by almost 29.7% and own shares priced at $267,044,000. Morgan Stanley upgraded their stake by roughly 88.4, owning $87,341,000 worth of shares. Aristeia Capital purchased a new position, owning $28,380,000 worth of shares. Norges Bank bought a new stake and own shares valued at $32,032,000. Institutional investors own 60.86% of United Airlines stock.

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