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Why Study Bitcoin?

The coronavirus pandemic has drawn the people’s attention toward online transactions, and more and more individuals, as well as businesses, are looking into cryptocurrency as a form of investment. Bitcoin being the pioneer is a popular choice. However, Bitcoin is not just a cryptocurrency. It is a fusion of data and money; and when combined it creates an entirely new technology upon which many platforms can be built—much like how the Internet protocol made it possible for almost everything to be online today. 


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Bitcoin stores its transactions using a technology called blockchain; and it is this revolutionary technology that has limitless business applications. This is why it is important to study Bitcoin, to know how exactly what is it capable of and to maximize its uses. 

The Bitcoin SV Academy 

On December 29, 2020, Bitcoin Association announced the launch of Bitcoin SV Academy, a university-style educational platform dedicated to studying the ins and outs of Bitcoin.Bitcoin SV Academy offers online courses in Bitcoin Theory, Bitcoin Development and Bitcoin Infrastructure available at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels, with the aim of teaching what the original Bitcoin is all about using accurate and understandable information.  

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“Education is a cornerstone of the work we do at Bitcoin Association, as we help businesses and individuals alike understand the Bitcoin system envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto, and how Bitcoin SV is the only project implementing that Satoshi Vision. Bitcoin SV Academy will be a key component of that work moving forward, providing a platform to deliver a robust curriculum tailored to all levels of ability and knowledge, as we educate the world about just what’s possible with the power of the original Bitcoin protocol,” Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of Bitcoin Association, stated.  

Bitcoin SV, the rebirth of the original Bitcoin, successfully restored the original Bitcoin protocol, uncapped the size of its blockchain’s data blocks, enhanced its security system and adapted a law-abiding mindset in 2018 to prepare for global adoption of the technology. And now, it is more than capable of global adoption. In fact, there are already more than 400 companies who are currently working with Bitcoin SV to develop a variety of businesses, services and applications.  

The launch of Bitcoin SV Academy is another step toward the goal of creating one global chain. Just like the Internet—only better—Bitcoin SV will make it possible for everything to be on-chain in the very near future.   

“The most important piece of infrastructure that Bitcoin can have is access and availability of education—not only does it broaden the pool of talent available to work and build with Bitcoin, but it also helps to spread awareness of what Bitcoin as an entire technology system can do and is truly capable of,” Steve Shadders, Technical Director of the Bitcoin SV Infrastructure Team, said. 

Bitcoin SV Academy is now accepting enrollees for the introductory module of the Bitcoin Theory stream.  

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