Paul Pierce And Rachel Nichols Involved In Instagram Mess

Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce, the American basketball sensation caused his bosses to get pissed at him due to his embarrassing action. The player chose to go live on the social media platform, Instagram. The problem in doing this was the fact that the room where he was, was full of strippers who were half-naked.

Paul Pierce In Trouble

The video also revealed the player to be smoking either weed or tobacco. Not only that but it also revealed Paul Pierce taking shots. He was accompanied by the strippers in doing so. The video has been up for the entire world to witness the activities of one of the most valuable players in the team, the Boston Celtics.

It is to be noted that the Disney corporation is the owner of the sports corporation, ESPN. And Paul Pierce works for the sports corporation company which means that he could be in serious trouble. He has been working as an analyst for the corporation, ESPN. Owing to the fact that the Disney production house is well known for the entertainment of children, Paul Pierce may not have a very bright future. It is an obvious fact that Disney does not want their employees to go public especially when it involves them hanging out with the strippers.

It is of no doubt that the one-time champion was the talk of the table over the social media platform, Twitter. This took place this Saturday. What is more astonishing is the fact that Rachel Nichols, from ESPN, also got involved in the drama of the Boston Celtics player.

The reason behind this is because somebody made the person in the infamous live video. The person was asked about. Rachel Nichols works with Pierce on The Jump of ESPN.