NASDAQ:CYRX Has Been Given a ‘Buy’ Rating By Analysts


NASDAQ:CYRX had its shares assigned a rating of ‘Buy’ by around ten analysts who decided to cover this company. According to reports issued by MarketBeat Ratings, one of the research analysts rated the stock with a ‘hold’, while seven of the analysts rated the company ‘buy’. The average price that brokerages have targeted for 1-year has been fixed at $45.80 for all the stocks. 

NASDAQ:CYRX has always been the subject of quite a few research reports. The Needham & Company LLC has already elevated the target price of this firm from $37 to $44- along with giving this stock a ‘buy’ in one of their reports that was dated the 24th of August. The other analyst, Stephens decided to lift the target price from $38 to $44 while giving the firm a rating of ‘overweight’ in yet another report that was sent on the 24th of August as well. Another firm, BidaskClub also raised NASDAQ:CYRX from ‘hold’ to ‘buy’ in a Thursday report. Zacks Investment Research followed suit, elevating the rating of NASDAQ:CYRX from a ‘sell’ to a ‘hold’. 

The stocks of NASDAQ:CYRX opened up at $48.90. The debt-to-equity ratio of this company is 0.88, while the current ratio is 22.95, and the quick ratio- 22.89. The fifty-day moving average for this company is $48.72, while the moving average price for 200-day is $31.01. NASDAQ:CYRX also has a year low of $13.01, while the high is $60.82. The market capitalization of this stock is $1.90 billion, with a beta of 1.32. The P/E ratio is -76.41. 

The Quarterly Earnings of NASDAQ:CYRX

NASDAQ:CYRX recently released their quarterly earnings on the 6th of August. This maker of consumer goods reported their EPS of $0.15 for this quarter, which missed out on the consensus estimate that Zacks’ prescribed $0.11. NASDAQ:CYRX also provided a negative return on its equity of 18.89%, with a net margin which was negative 60.97%. The revenue for this company was close to $9,39 million for this quarter, which beat the $8.93 million consensus estimate. If compared with the same period the previous year, the firm had a 0.08 EPS the previous year. The revenue of this firm for this quarter had increased around 11.0% if drawn parallels with the same quarter in the previous year. Most research analysts are of the opinion that NASDAQ:CYRX will definitely have an EPS of -0.48 for this fiscal year. 

About CryoPort (NASDAQ:CYRX)

NASDAQ:CYRX has been engaging in providing logistic solutions in the industry of life sciences. They are also involved in providing logistical solutions to several biological materials such as stem cells, immunotherapies, CAR-T cells, and reproductive cells. 

NASDAQ:CYRX is also involved in including points-of-care, biopharmaceuticals, clinical research organizations, central laboratories, health centers, contract manufacturing, and university researchers.