Voya Financial (NYSE: VOYA) Earns “Buy” Consensus From Stock Market Analysts


Out of the fourteen stock market analysts, NYSE: VOYA received one sell rating, four hold ratings, and eight buy ratings. This means that Voya Financial inc now has an average Cindy’s of “buy.” The average one-year objective price for the brokers stands at $58.67. 

Many big companies have also commented on the recent update. On 18th August, during a Tuesday research note, Wells Fargo & Company said they would assume coverage in Voya Financial (NYSE: VOYA) shares. The company also issued a target price of $62.00 and announced an “overweight” rating. 

Meanwhile, on the 13 of August, during a research report, Truist Financial increased its target price to $53.00 from $45.00 on NYSE: VOYA shares. They also issued a “hold” rating. The Royal Bank of Canada also issued a “buy” rating. Their target price for the company’s charges stands to $60.00 as of Monday, 20th July. On 13th August, Pipe Sandler issued an “overweight” rating and increased its target price to $57.00 from $55.00 on Voya shares. Last but not the least, Morgan Stanley issued an “overweight” rating on the Tuesday report and increased its target price to $60.00 from $59.00. 

NYSE: VOYA Stock Since Thursday 

On Thursday, the NYSE: VOYA stock stood at $49.31. While the company’s 200 days moving price average stands at $46.17, the  50 days moving price average stands at $49.32. Meanwhile, the Voya Financial inc market capitalization stands at $6.22 billion. Its beta ratio is 1.41 and it’s PE is -8.26. Currently, Voya Financial’s ration stands at 0.14. It’s debt-to-equity stands at 0.45 and the quick ratio is at 0.13. The company’s one year high stands at $63.81. Meanwhile, it’s one year low stands at $29.75. 

The company’s earnings for the quarter was last revealed on 5th August. The quarterly earnings stood at $0.15 EPS, as per VOYA Financial’s asset manager. At the same time, NYSE: VOYA’s quarterly revenue was estimated at $93.000 Million. It’s another story that stock market analysts had expected the revenue to be much higher. The company’s equity return stood at 6.56 percent and 11.29 percent negative net margin. As per stock market analysts, NYSE: VOYA will announce 3.86 earnings a share for this FY. 

Companies Added Their Stakes At VOYA Financial Inc

For the first stock market quarter, Samlyn Capital increased its stakes by 83.8 percent. Similarly, Goldman Sachs increased its stakes at Voya Financial by 64.4 percent. Wellington Management Group increased its shares by 42.6 percent. Canada’s Bank of Montreal also increased its shares by 1,626.3 percent. 

NYSE: VOYA facilitates employee, investment, and retirement benefits and is based in the US.