Stock Market Brokerages Give A “Hold” Consensus Rating To Smith & Nephew (LON: SN)


The average consensus rating earned by Smith & Nephew (LON: SN) is a “hold” rating. Out of the 10 stock market brokerages, one has the “sell” rating. While three analysts gave the company a “buy” rating, six stock market analysts gave a “hold” rating. The one-year price target issued is $23.14, which comes to GBX 1,771.14. 

Major Players Drop Reports In LON: SN

Citigroup decreased its price target in LON: SN to $21.82 from $22.21, which equals to GBX 1,670 from GBX 17,00. Citigroup also issued a “neutral” rating on 18th June during the Thursday report. On 30th July, during the Thursday report, Credit Suisse Group decreased its target price on LON: SN to $21.89 from $22.02. They also issued their rating to “neutral.”  Meanwhile, on 29th July, during the Wednesday report, Shore Capital issued its Smith & Nephew rating to “sell”. 

A rating of “overweight” has also been issued by Morgan Stanley, who has decreased its Smith & Nephew price target to $25.35 from $25.48 on 30th July, during the Thursday report. Last but not the least, JPMorgan Chase & Co also decreased its target price to $20.29 from $21.34. They issued a “neutral” rating on 30th July against LON: SN. 

On Thursday, Smith & Nephew shares opened at $19.92, which equals to GBX 1,524.50. The company’s 12 months low stands at $13.79, which equals to GBX 1,055.01. Meanwhile, it’s 12 months high stands at $26.43, which equals to GBX 2,023. LON: SN’s currently enjoys a 2.18 ratio. Its debt-to-equity ratio stands at 53.21 and the quick ratio stands at 1.04. Moreover, the company’s 200 days moving average stands at GBX 1,548.44. It’s 59 days moving average is at GBX 1,519.10. 

Furthermore, the Smith & Nephew stock market capitalization currently stands at $13.35 billion, with a 34.18 PE ratio. 

Virginia Bottomley Buys 258 Shares From Smith & Nephew 

On 24th August, Virginia Bottomley bought 258 shares for $19.80 or GBX 1,515 a share. The total cost amounted to $5.107.41 or £3,908.70. 

Smith & Nephew PLC (LON: SN) operates as developers, manufacturers, and sellers of various medical equipment across the globe. The firm also provides medicines for joint repairs or other sports related injuries to surgeons. Additionally, the company also offers implants, technologies, and instruments to enable surgeons to perform small surgeries on human joints. 

On 28th October, LON: SN announces that stockholders from the 1st of October will receive 0.14 dividends. This means that the dividend yield comes to 0.68 percent. Currently, the SN payout dividend ratio stands at 67.26 percent.