Ukraine Appeals To Remove @Russia From Twitter: Says Aggressors Have No Place On Social Media Platforms


The Ukraine official Twitter account was on the full offensive against Russia as it stood p to the invasion. Messages exhorting material support to the Ukraine military, and telling Russia what they think of the invasion, were a majority of the messages. But one message that stood out was the appeal to remove the official Russian account from the Twitter account.

The handle @Ukraine is being posted from a confirmed Twitter handle. The handle maintained silence for several days before posting earnestly starting Thursday, the day Russia invaded its neighboring country.

Most Messages By Ukraine Have Gone Viral

The message begins with a picture of Adolf Hitler lovingly patting Putin. The accompanying message mentions that it was not merely a picture but the present-day reality.

The message is viral on social media with a million views and has been retweeted 250,000.

The battle on Twitter has been raging for quite some time and has received support from western viewers. It has some heavy doses of dark humor. The @Ukraine Twitter handle has existed since 2017 and has been fighting a running conflict with @Russia for a long.

Recent tweets include telling viewers to tag @Russia telling them and the world what they think of the invasion. And the most telling tweet has been to tell people to demand that Russia be removed from Twitter.

Even as the West tightened sanctions on Russia, the latter continued to march towards the capital and have entered the city in some places. The invasion was in the wars for weeks but Russia had denied all along that it had any intention to enter Ukrainian territory.

The US President has termed the Russian assault a war without justification, provocation, and unnecessary.  The death toll continues to mount and civilian deaths have crossed a hundred, mostly from relentless shelling and bombing as the Russians advance into the capital city of Kyiv.