Ukraine Netted Over $70M Worth Of Crypto Donation On Accounts To Russia’s Conflict


Since the beginning of the Russian invasion over a year ago, the country has been flooding with ether donations worth $28.9 million as well as $22.8 million in the forms of bitcoin and tether accounting for up to $11.6 million.

Cryptocurrency Donations Budgeting Upto Millions Of Grands Was Made During Ukraine’s War This Year

The total net worth amounting to over $70 million in cryptocurrency has been prolific in Ukraine over the span of last year, caused by the emergence of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The dispute resulted in providing funds to the nation for military-grade equipment and needed humanitarian support. 

The reports on the sum of figures came in on 24 February via blockchain data performance Chainalysis, which configured that the majority of these funds came out in the forms of Bitcoin and Ether currency. ETH donors remained their leads with $28.9 million while Tether and BTC donors chipped in for $11.6 million and $22.8 million approximately. These donations were given in the form of nonfungible tokens, like in the case of UkraineDAO’s auctioning of a Ukrainian flag in the NFT threshold for around $6.1 million.

It’s been estimated that around 80% of the whole $70 million donation was filled in between the first few spans of months as the war ignited. Along with the fast-pacing speed of cryptocurrency remissions, it contributed to a speedy tracking of the country’s ability to respond back to the Russian invasion. 

As explained in a recent interview with Yahoo Finances on 24 February, the digital deputy minister of Ukraine, Alex Bornyakov says that if the traditional finance system was in use it would have taken days…the secured purchase of needful vital items to be made possible in specs of no time thanks to cryptocurrency and the most amazing fact being around 60% of the suppliers were enabling crypto as a form of currency which was quite unexpected honestly.