A Lil Clumsiness Adds To The Charm Right? Jessica Chastain Shares About Her Embarrassment

jessica chastain

Jessica Chastain shares her embarrassing little fall at the 2023 SAG Awards as she tells the sources she tripped over the stairs but had two prince charmings to help her up which wasn’t that bad after all. 

Two Charming Men Helping A Baffled Jessica Chastain Out Was The Siver Lining Indeed

Even though the Interstellar star admitted that when she tripped after her win at Sunday’s SAG Awards this year, the whole ordeal was nothing short of an embarrassment as she tripped on her way to the stage for accepting the trophy for Best Female Actor In Television Movie or Series. But Chastain has decided to look at the silver linings rather. 

Although tripping over the stairs was quite humiliating but there were two very dashing men who rushed out for help, one of them being Paul Mescal himself so the whole instance wasn’t that bad- Jessica Chastain quipped with excitementThe 45-year-old actress told in all seriousness at the moment she was just over the moon with happiness that she couldn’t even get a grasp over reality, as she accepted her win, which will be marking her third set of SAG awards amongst her overall five nominations over the course of time. 

Chastain won for best female actor in television movies or series for her Showtime’s Geoge & Tammy. Amongst other nominations for the award were Julia Garner for Inventing Anna, Emily Blunt for The English, Amanda Seyfried for The Dropout, and lastly Niecy Nash-Betts for Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. 

Jessica Chastain was visibly shocked as her name was prompted over the stage, and as she was on her way to the stage she briefly had a little trip over the steps just before reaching out for the microphone. After thanking her list full of people for making the project successful. Chastain who’s known to be currently working over ‘A Doll’s House’ on Broadway shares that every day she gets the opportunity to meet with people at her stage door, as she witnesses various actors and their stories.