Jessica Chastain Posts Footage Of “Life-Changing” Ukraine Trip

jessica chastain

On Thursday, Jessica Chastain used her Twitter account to show the world footage from her trip to Ukraine. The trip was undertaken with humanitarian causes in mind. She had gone on the trip during the early parts of August, to witness the war-torn but indomitable nation.

A Huge Influence On Jessica Chastain

The 45-year-old actress said that she took a couple of weeks to completely process all the things that she witnessed during her visit to Kyiv. This was her preface to the tweet that contained the montage that ran for about a minute.

Jessica Chastain explained that the trip had complicated logistics when it came to travel. She and her team had arrived in Poland. After that, they traveled by car for 4 hours and then for 11 hours via train after that. Jessica admitted to being nervous throughout the entire journey. However, the long duration of it also gave her time to settle her nerves.   

The video opens by showing Jessica Chastain in a car. The area was Kyiv while her companion remained unseen. Jessica, then, reads a few statistics about the war from her phone. Among them included the number of Ukrainian refugees – a staggering 5.1 million – that have fled the country toward other countries in the EU. A further 7.7 million Ukrainians are supposed displaced within the country. She ends the note by adding that Ukraine’s pre-war population stood at 44 million.

During her talk, the footage switches and shows the outside scenery – complete city blocks that Russian bombardment has ravaged. Jessica’s voiceover continues by saying that 6710 civilians, of which 359 are children, have lost their lives due to war crimes. The same has caused a further 8741 civilians to be injured, which includes 700 children. After some seconds, the car arrives at Ohmatdyt, Ukraine’s biggest hospital for children and which has remained operational throughout the war.