Un-Smartphone Rotary Kit Lets The User Build An Amazing Functional Throwback


The Un-Smartphone Rotary kit allows interested makers and builders to assemble an amazing 4G capable functional device which does nothing apart from making calls or displaying messages. In the past, there were abundant attempts of offering people an outlet or escape from obtrusive smart modern devices called smartphones.

How Does This Un-Smartphone Work?

Many attempts have tried taking users to the old good days however nothing is more old school than a phone which uses the rotary dial. However, the Un-Smartphone may not seem so antiquated as the experts are saying. The Un-Smartphone Rotary is inspired by a project launched in 2020 by Justine Haupt, an engineer who has the same functions as mentioned on top of the label.

While most of the information of that project starting from software to hardware details is launched and can be found as an open-source, the people interested in the project have to find their own materials and components, they also have to go through this task of programming and soldering which seems pretty grueling for getting these devices working right.

Sky’s Edge, Haupt’s company is currently offering a much easier way which requires an assembly using one tweezer and one screwdriver in the manner of the DIY kit. The package worth $390 contains everything which is required for making a 4G functional phone, but those are in pieces only for ingeniously allowing the company to skip the FCC licensing.

This Un-Smartphone device when fully combined manages to offer 2G/3G/4G connectivity for SMS and calls, one rotary dial, and a back-side small ePaper display. The page of the product mentions that one is not expected to actually dial phone numbers every time like they used to do in the good old days. This dial grants access to stored contacts.