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Friday, March 5, 2021

Lil Wayne Likely To Be Granted Clemency By Donald Trump, Unlike Bannon Or Giuliani

On Tuesday, Lil Wayne, the rapper is likely to be granted clemency by Donald Trump, US President through the final wave consisting of commutations and pardons which is not expected of including Steve Bannon,ex-aide, and Rudy Giuliani, lawyer, according to sources, on Monday. During his final full day inside his office, Donald Trump will be issuing probably more than one hundred commutations and pardons.

The Tweet Of Lil Wayne Most Likely Got Him The Last Minute Pardon

Two sources who are familiar with the issue and discussions spoke anonymously and said that Trump seems to be dissuaded from commuting and pardoning his family members or himself. When Wayne’s chartered jet touched the ground of Miami in 2019 December, Lil Wayne admitted to being the holder of a gold-plated and loaded handgun last month. At a Miami hearing on 28th January, Wayne faces a total of 10 years sentence in prison. During the presidential campaign of last year, Lil Wayne supported Trump by tweeting a picture of Trump with him and captioning that he fully supports the economic plan and the reform program of criminal justice for all African-Americans.

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All the sources also confirmed a NY Times report regarding the list consisting of commutations and pardons includes Sheldon Silver, ex NY Assembly Speaker,76, who became a convict in 2015 on the charges of corruption. The list of Trump however doesn’t include his private lawyer, Giuliani who was a vocal supporter of the claims of the US President regarding voter fraud that occurred in the presidential election of 3rd November which was won by Joe Biden, a Democrat.

While Lil Wayne is expected to get a pardon from Trump, Steve Bannon remains also excluded from that list, He was a White House senior adviser and one who helped Donald Trump win the presidential election of 2016. Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, also remains excluded from Trump’s list.

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