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Friday, March 5, 2021

Garth Brooks To Perform At Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Country singer, Garth Brooks joins performers Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga, both of the performers were previously announced. Garth Brooks, the country singer will join these celebrities who will be performing at President-elect Biden’s inauguration which will be held on 20th January.

The Inaugural Presidential Committee declared on Monday about the performance of Brooks, country singer in the ceremony of Biden’s swearing-in alongside previously declared performers like Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga. Joe Biden will be the forty-sixth president of the US. The Committee mentioned that Jill Biden would be the first lady and personally requested Brooks, who funnily joked about being the lone Republican in the swearing-in ceremony. However, Brooks noted that his presence at the ceremony will not be about politics, but about uniting people together.

Garth Brooks Has Been A Constant

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While declaring the news of his performance, Brooks stated to the reporters via a call on the app zoom that the violence which happened on 6th January recently at the Capitol was sad and disturbing. However, this isn’t Brooks’ first time performing at the inauguration of a US president. He performed previously at the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama in 2008. He played for the inauguration of each president of the US since Carter, only missing out at the inauguration ceremony of Reagan.

Garth Brooks told the reporters that this is one of his biggest honor for serving at this prestigious ceremony, he said that the name of the president-elect doesn’t matter, what matters is that it has been an honor just to be told and asked to perform at the ceremony, Entertainment Tonight reported. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the heightened security after the riot on 6th January, the inauguration of Biden, in which Garth Brooks will be performing, will be only an experience on the virtual media.

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