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Thursday, January 20, 2022

To Get Unemployment Benefits, You Must Submit To The Test Of Facial Recognition!

In Colorado, Eric Watkins filed for his unemployment benefits after quitting his work as a software engineer. 

ID.me Says That You Cannot Get Unemployment Benefits Before Submitting Your Test!

However, to this day, he hasn’t received one dollar out of the total $6,490 that he was supposed to receive. He is not even sure when he will receive his unemployment benefits. Watkins is a privacy advocate. His grandmother and mother shredded his personal information while he was still in the process of growing up. His grandmother and mother both said that Watkins doesn’t want to complete the verification process of his identity, which is the requirement that the state seeks before giving out his unemployment benefits.

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This verification process involves his face being analyzed with the help of ID.me, a company. Watkins sent out a letter conveying his disappointment with the service of ID.me to the unemployment agency of his state. He also added that due to privacy reasons and concerns, he won’t be taking part in the test. In response, Watkins received a note from his unemployment agency. 

The agency said that if he doesn’t manage to get his identity verified, his claim will get disqualified and he will not receive his unemployment benefits anytime soon. A spokesperson working for the Department of Employment and Labor of Colorado said that the agency allows only identity verification manually. ID.me doesn’t satisfy minors and the Americans who often experience technological barriers. Watkins said repeatedly that he doesn’t want to do anything with ID.me. During this month, around unemployment agencies of 27 states have managed to enter contracts with the company, ID.me. This is according to a report published by the company. 

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