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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Unemployment Benefits Remain Intact Despite Delayed Sign By Trump

The stimulus bill of $900 billion has already been passed and made into law as of 27th December, Sunday evening. Additionally, several other programs that offer extended and increased unemployment benefits for millions of US citizens have also become law.

Although the bill was smoothly passed by the House and the Senate, it was initially refused by Donald Trump, demanding a larger stimulus check for every American. Nonetheless, he did pass the bill after some delay that might have made a gap of 1-week in those benefits about to expire after Christmas.

Delayed Approval Does Not Affect Unemployment Benefits

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 Recently, the Labour Department of the United States of America along with some of the other states have shown signs of not having any gap in-between the unemployment benefits. They have said that the delay will not be taking away a week’s worth of unemployment benefits from the eligible candidates owing to the correct timing of the enactment of the law.

The states that stated not having any gap for the jobless recipients are California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Many others will also be making the announcement soon after receiving the confirmation. The payments will be coming later than the anticipated time, though.

The no-gap news is certainly positive news for the millions of jobless recipients of the PUA as well as PEUC programs which was implemented during the CARES Act in March 2020. PUA program provides relief to the freelance and gig workers. PEUC program gives unemployment benefits for another 13 weeks to their beneficiaries.

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Some experts had issued a warning against the delay in approving the bill after 26th December which might create a gap of one week for the beneficiaries of PEUC and PUA. Fortunately, this hurdle is circumvented.

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