New Short Video Carousel By Google Set To Feature On Social Media

short video carousel
short video carousel

According to the reports, Google, the search engine giant, is trying out a new venture. They are currently testing a different search feature. That is a new short video carousel. This short video carousel of Google will surface the videos of Instagram and TikTok. It can be said that this is the social media giant’s response to the trend at the current time. Everybody is aware of the growing craze for short video content, worldwide.

Details Of Google’s Short Video Carousel

The new short video carousel of Google will expand on another new feature of the search engine giant. It was launched by the company in the early months of the year 2020. The new feature saved the short video carousel in the personalized discover tab of Google.

The old version of the short video feature was confined to the addition of videos, only from the digital platforms that were owned by Google. Those include the famous YouTube, and Tangi, the video project in short form. However, the freshly updated feature will add some more platforms of social media, according to the reports. Those are TikTok and Instagram.

The users will be taken to a web version of the native platform of the video that they click on. They will be directed to the social media app that it comes from. This will ensure that the users will click on the back button and return to the homepage of Google. This will avoid them to slip into a perpetual loop. This new move of Google to deal with short video carousel is made keeping in mind its users. The growing craze over these will help them retain their users. It is kept in mind in order to hook the users to the short videos that are entertaining enough to make them forget their worries for a while.