Alec Baldwin Continues To Defend His Wife Over Social Media Criticisms Labeled At Her

Hilaria Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin, the actor, is busy being a good husband to his wife. He does not stop defending his wife, Hilaria Baldwin. Alec is fighting the critics who are calling out on his wife. The root of the issue originates from when Hilaria Baldwin got accused of impersonating as a Spanish. People took to social media to criticize her for misrepresenting the Spanish heritage of her.

Alec Baldwin took to the social media platform, Instagram, to fight off the accusers of his 36-year-old wife. He shared one of the quotes of Mark Twain on his account, that indirectly poked the critics. This took place this Tuesday, following the viral accusations worldwide.

Ireland Joins Alec Baldwin In Support

There was a fight over the comment section of the actor’s Instagram account. It was between Alec Baldwin himself and another person who made a comment. That person wrote that Hilaria Baldwin was a fraud as she claimed to be Spanish when she spent her entire life in Massachusetts. She was termed to be fake. Alec then replied to that comment expressing his anger.

The entire Baldwin family got into the damage control. The daughter of Alec Baldwin, Ireland Bald, was also spotted with them. She was there to defend and support her stepmother. The model took to the social media platform, Instagram, to extend her support. She wrote that the fabricated stories targeted to destroy her family are not a new thing. Ireland also reflected on the issues of the past, concerning the public criticisms. She wrote that people threw criticisms when her parents were getting a divorce, they did the same when she visited a mental rehabilitation center.

Alec Baldwin is leaving no stone unturned in supporting his wife. He shared a video that shows him slamming the tabloid media and internet trolls for their content that is the cultural background of his wife, Hilaria.