VC Roundup: Alternative Funding Methods And Capital Flows Support Cryptocurrency Startups Including Pandora


Cointelegraph’s VC Roundup for this edition features HYCHAIN, Alpen Labs, Auradine, Sapien, Monad, and Web3Firewall. The return of venture capitalists to the cryptocurrency space has created liquidity for businesses via non-traditional funding channels including grants and node sales. For example, layer-3 Degen Chain and semi-fungible token protocol Pandora have partnered with Base-native lending platform Seamless to launch a co-sponsored project that will award approximately $600,000 in awards to developers and producers using Base.

Pandora’s Partnership With Seamless To Create More Opportunities

Pandora looks for artists interested in ERC-404 technology for their collections and meme coins, whereas Degen concentrates on developers interested in constructing inside Farcaster and Degen Chain. Applications must clearly explain how the awards will improve the relevant ecosystems since members of the various communities will evaluate them. Innovative and practical solutions are welcomed,” said Cointelegraph Ras, a Seamless Community Grants Program participant going by a pseudonym. (SCGP).

It is possible to submit new grant applications via the Community Governance forum. Candidates must fill out a form explaining their project and any special requirements. We’re approaching another grant cycle, this time from the SingularityNET ecosystem. Early May is when the Deep Funding Round 4 announcement is anticipated to take place. This round will grant over $1 million in funding for decentralized artificial intelligence projects. Grants are a great tool for nascent initiatives and developers, but there’s also a growing fundraising community that’s increasingly accepting of cryptocurrency enterprises.