Name Of Producer Who Advised Sharon Stone To Have A Sexual Relationship With “Sliver” Co-Star Billy Baldwin

Sharon Stone

To improve their “onscreen chemistry,” Sharon Stone disclosed the identity of the producer who, according to her, advised her to establish a sexual relationship with her Sliver co-star William “Billy” Baldwin. The producer’s name was kept a secret by the actress, who had previously discussed the episode in her 2021 memoir The Beauty of Living Twice. Now, Sharon Stone revealed on Tuesday’s Louis Theroux Podcast episode that it was Robert Evans, the 1993 Sliver producer, who passed away in 2019.

“Having Sex With Billy Will Save The Movie,” Sharon Stone Reveals Insane Advice 

Recalling the event, Sharon Stone stated that she “should’ve been on set” when Evans summoned her to his office to talk about her relationship with Baldwin on screen. Stone claimed of their chat, “He’s running around his office in his sunglasses, explaining to me that he slept with Ava Gardner and I should sleep with Billy Baldwin because if I slept with Billy Baldwin, Billy Baldwin’s performance would get better.” “And since that was the issue, we needed Billy to get better in the film.”

The actress went on to say that Evan had the thinking, “If I could just have sex with Billy, then that would save the movie. If we could sleep together, then we would have chemistry onscreen.” And the truth is that I was the true issue in the film because I was so stiff and unreal—not like a genuine actress who could just fuck him and set things right. The fact that I had such a tight ass was the true issue.