Fact Check: Videos Advertising A $6,400 Stimulus Check Contain Phony Biden Audio

stimulus check

Contrary to films that replicate his voice, U.S. President Joe Biden is not endorsing a new $6,400 stimulus check approved by the federal government of the United States.

A Facebook post that shares one of these films and opens a new tab states, in part, “The federal government has approved the new stimulus, which will provide $6,400 for 97% of Americans.” Do you need help paying for necessities like groceries, petrol, and rent? Eligible Americans can get $6400 as a government subsidy with a $0 health plan under this program. A narrator in the video, which mimics Joe Biden’s voice, invites viewers to register to get a “spending card” that is filled with $6,400. Stimulus check packages open new tabs and are government initiatives to stimulate the economy or avert a recession. Examples include tax credits or individual stimulus checks.

This Month Over $6K Worth Of Stimulus Checks Had Been Approved By Biden 

However, the posts that are being shared have nothing to do with official government initiatives. Although it does not include a connection to an official government website, one Facebook page that shares the video and opens a new tab claims to be a “Federal Government Organization.” Although its profile photo has a verified badge, Facebook has not confirmed it. In the “About” part of the page, which opens in a separate tab, the video refers to itself as an “insurance agent” but provides no website or more details.

There’s no proof, it opens a new tab, that this month’s $6,400 federal stimulus checks were approved by Biden or mentioned. For a total of three economic impact payments, a new tab, the government issued the most recent rounds of direct stimulus check payments to Americans during the COVID-19 epidemic. A request for comment from Reuters was not immediately answered by the White House.