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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Virginia Deputy Gets Fired After Getting Called Out For Violence On Parler

A post issued by Virginia Deputy Aaron Hoffman’s account on Parler threatened to shorten the life of John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The deputy of Virginia sheriff got fired on Saturday after his account on Parler issuing threats against judges and politicians was linked by some freelance journalist.

Despicable Social Media Content By The Virginia Deputy

One comment under Aaron’s “WeThePeopleWarrior” Parler profile demands its followers for finding the houses of “liberal” judges and politicians and kick them out of it. The post demanded taking back their State capitals and finding the houses of each Governor, mayor, liberal judge, attorney general, CEO of major media, senator, and congressmen and removing those people from their houses. The post asked its followers to make them feel that they are never untouchable.

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The Virginia deputy got exposed by Molly Conger, a freelance journalist, Virginia, Charlottesville who managed to reveal Hoffman’s posts in his Twitter thread. Virginia Deputy Hoffman denied making these posts and commenting under them, he finds the whole matter very disturbing. By the afternoon of Saturday, all the Parler accounts of Hoffman either got deleted or changed to private. There was another post in that account which issued a threat to get killed if anyone dares to touch his children for vaccinating them against Coronavirus without Aaron’s consent. The post further said that it is not just a threat but also a promise.

Glendell Hill, Republican Sheriff, Prince William termed the comments as “very despicable”.He doesn’t approve of such comments and it is against the policy of their Department. The office of the Sheriff also posted a statement on Facebook condemning it. The police chief of Arkansas resigned last month after one message on Parler calling for the death of all the Marxist Democrats got linked with him. Lang Holland claimed initially that his account was hacked but he later confirmed that he was the one writing the posts.

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