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Thursday, June 17, 2021

VOD Has Been Given A Rating Of Buy By Brokerages

The stocks of VOD have been issued with a rating of buy by around eleven different brokerage firms that have been covering it. According to a report, one of the investment analysts has also issued the company with a rating of hold, while nine others have issued it with a rating of buy.

The Stock Commentary Of VOD 

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of VOD. Zacks Investment has also reduced the rating of the company from buy to hold in a 9th February research report. Morgan Stanley has also put forward a rating of overweight in a 25th March research report.

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The Goldman Sachs Group has decided to increase the rating of the company from buy to conviction-buy in an 11th May research report. Barclays has also issued the company with a rating of overweight in a 19th May research report. In the end, Deutsche Bank also put in its rating of buy which it accrued in its 7th May research report. 

The stocks of VOD traded on Tuesday at $18.66. The market cap of the firm is $52.67 billion, with a 19.85 PE ratio, and a 4.87 PEG ratio. The year low of the company is $13.14 while the year high has been set at $20.36. The moving average price of the company over a period of 50 days is $18.92. The current ratio of the company is 0.98, with a 0.96 current ratio, and a 1.03 debt-to-equity ratio. 

VOD also recently announced their semi-annual dividend which would find its payment on the 6th of August. Most of the stockholders on record on the 25th of June would be paid a dividend of around $0.5491 per share. The dividend yield thus represented is around 5.8%. The ex-dividend date for this dividend has been set for Thursday- the 24th of June. 

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