Ways to Promote Your Church and Grow Your Ministry

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The Lord’s work is not easily done; it requires sacrifice and determination. Church attendance numbers are dwindling. No matter where you are in the world you have likely seen a reduction in the number of people attending services. If churches do not start taking action then eventually there will be nobody coming to them at all. Achieving higher congregational numbers is not something that has to be difficult, however. All you have to do is start promoting and growing your ministry more effectively. This post will tell you how to do that:

Encouraging Donations

Your existing congregation should be just as concerned about growth as you. Until your church achieves growth there is always a chance it could become unsustainable and close. In recent years more and more churches have been closing. Many of today’s youth are atheists or subscribe to more mystical religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. Countering such trends can only be done when your church has enough money behind it. Youth and religious outreach are not cheap nor are they sustainable if you do not have a large well of savings to draw from.

In recent years, many Evangelical churches have been accused of fraud. Donation fraud is a thing in the Evangelical community and in many others. However, just because some people choose to behave in this way that does not mean all independent churches are like this. There are apps you can use to encourage and facilitate online giving for churches, which you may want to ask your congregation to download and use. Preface requests with information about what you plan on spending the money on. Do not ask without first explaining where the money’s going. Explanations will allay your congregation’s fears that they are being taken advantage of.

Youth Outreach

As mentioned in the previous section many of today’s youth incline more toward mystical religions than Christianity. Sadly, this is leading many analysts to predict that in the Western world, Christianity is dying. It does not need to be this way, however. The only reason that young people are gravitating towards these things is that proponents of those religions make active efforts to convert and capture them. You can easily convert just as many young people as a Jewish person, Muslim or Hindu can. All that you need to do is make a proactive effort in your community and launch a youth outreach program.

Launching a youth outreach program doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need to do is get out in your local community and start meeting teenagers and other young people. Encourage members of your current congregation to bring their children to church with them. You could also consider starting a youth group, only allowing children and teenagers in. You will need to ensure those leading the youth group have received training in youth ministry; teaching young people is not the same as it is teaching adults.

Religious Conversions

In addition to focusing on youth ministry and converting teenagers, it’s also a good idea to try and convert members of other religions. In the Western world, Islam is Christianity’s biggest rival. It is the fastest-growing religion in the world by birth. It is important to note Islam is not growing due to large numbers of conversions but instead because Muslim families have more children. Even so, it is a rival of Christianity and therefore Christian ministers should make more of a proactive effort to convert Muslims to the faith. Interfaith relations are very important, however, so do not jeopardize your relationships with local Muslims and mosques by infringing on their congregations.

When converting members of other religions to Christianity it’s a good idea to spend time researching the religions you are seeking conversions from. It is always important to educate yourself about them so you can give genuine and accurate information. Misleading potential converts can ultimately lead to them leaving Christianity later on and returning to their religion of origin. Consider taking some ministry courses designed to teach ministers how to convert members of other religions rather than going out and freewheeling, hoping you get it right.

Street Presence

A presence on the street can be a good way of getting conversions and increasing your congregation’s size. Other religions are very active on the street. All you have to do is visit a large city like New York or Chicago and you’ll find Muslim preachers on the street making daily conversions and educating people about Islam. While some Christian preachers do the same thing they do not do it with as much passion as Muslims do. It should also be noted that many Christian preachers stand on the street with microphones yelling Bible verses at people; such efforts are far from welcoming.

If you plan on preaching in public then it’s important to be as polite and friendly as you can. Set up a stall and appoint several church members to man it. Hand flyers out to people that pass and try as hard as you can to educate people about Christianity’s truths. There are a lot of harmful misconceptions about the religion circling which deter interested individuals from deciding to convert. Ensure the flyers you distribute are professionally designed and contain as much useful information about the faith as you can possibly fit on them, without making them overwhelming.

Consistent Efforts

If you are interested in growing your congregation’s size then it is absolutely essential that you make consistent and determined efforts. Do not let your attempts at increasing your congregation’s size falter. Ministers who give up never achieve success. Your church will not grow in size overnight. However, if you maintain continued, consistent efforts then eventually it will reach the size you want it to. When converting people do not be forceful as this can push them away from the faith. Do not pester people for money either. Seek donations humbly and explain what they will be spent on. Telling people what their donations will be spent on and then showing them results will give them more confidence. Increasing your flock’s confidence in you will make them more inclined to give donations in the future.

It’s not easy expanding one’s flock. However, in order to spread Christ’s message it is essential. It is the duty of all Christians to spread the Lord’s word as far and wide as they can. If you want to grow your church then follow the instructions given here in this post.