Web2 Giants In Web3 Could Benefit The Entire Ecosystem, As Per PBW


The annual gathering of experts in the blockchain industry, the Paris Blockchain Week, recently kicked off on its fourth edition- with leaders and entrepreneurs from across the world meeting to discuss the latest improvements. Cointelegraph managed to conduct an interview with Michael Amar, the chairman and founder of Paris Blockchain Week, where he shared that the original vision of the conference was to put Europe on the Web3 map- as it didn’t have much importance on the Blockchain map of the world.

The event was founded in 2019 and was created with the vision of bringing professionals within the industry in order to advance blockchain adoption and awareness. According to the founder, the aim of the conference was progress- which he believes could be done through the introduction of Web2 in the Web3 ecosystem. 

Web2 Could Be Potentially Beneficial For Web3

In 2019, the PBW talked about deep technology and regulation, but in the current environment, the topics have expanded to include Nonfungible tokens, Web3, the metaverse, and other DAOs. Amar also hinted that the growth of Web3 could be potentially beneficial for the whole industry of blockchain as it would promote wider adoption of all digital assets. This, in turn, will potentially open the door to several other industries. Amar also addressed the concerns regarding the entrance of Web2 companies- as well as other consumer and retail brands, which could undermine the decentralization mission of Web3. 

Paris Blockchain Week usually hosts around 10,000 attendees and was completely sold out the previous year. Along with multiple conferences regarding Web2, and Web3, there was also a dedicated day for investors, a startup competition, multiple hackathons, and a few additional side events. The summit in 2022 had drawn around 3,000 attendees and also included talks from personalities like Changpeng Zhao of Binance.