Kelly Ripa Reveals That Mark Consuelos’ Jealousy Has Made Marriage Very Difficult. 

Kelly Ripa

In a recent excerpt clip from her podcast, Kelly Ripa opened up about the initial difficulties of her married life. Calling her husband, Mark Consuelos out for his insane jealous traits, she spoke about how these things had made it difficult at the beginning of their marriage. Kelly Ripa, who got married to the ‘Riverdale’ star in a secret ceremony in May 1996, remembered how her spouse had begun to show his jealous impulses within one week of the wedding, said in a teaser segment of her upcoming Sirius XM podcast titled, “Let’s Chat Off Camera.” 

Kelly Ripa On How The Initial Envious Traits of Consuelos Were Difficult To Deal With

Kelly Ripa further added that such strong envy coming from her husband was indeed a hard pill to digest. Recalling one such incident that took place in an Italian Restaurant, where Consuelos, 51, took up a horrifying fight with an old waiter, simply because she had replied to him in a smiley manner. 

A co-host on the morning talk show Live!, the gorgeous Kelly Ripa shares three lovely children, Joaquin, 19,  Lola, 21, and Michael, 25, with Mark Consuelos — Upon speaking up about the uncalled-for incident at the Italian Restaurant, Consuelos joked to his wife Kelly Ripa, to have been quite impulsive and insane at the young age of 25 and remarked that although his issues with jealousy were something that he had difficulty dealing with at the beginning, it is not something he still struggles with. 

Both the actors spoke about how Consuelos, growing away from his envious tendencies had matured over the years and had been able to leave all that behind. The actress of ‘All My Children’, Kelly Ripa acknowledges how her husband has been able to improve by consistently working on himself and is very proud of his progress.