Sebastian Receives His 1st Birthday Wish From Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa

Anderson Cooper’s boy Sebastian turns one which is being celebrated by Kelly Ripa. To mark the occasion, Ripa, this Tuesday, posted an Instagram post captioned in French. The post consists of a picture of her cradling the infant with his eyes shut in a peaceful sleep while Ripa smiles at the baby. Anderson Cooper with his ex-partner Benjamin Maisani shares Sebastian and Wyatt Morgan of 2.

Kelly Ripa’s Love For Anderson Cooper’s Children

Kelly Ripa has been friends with the news reporter for a long time now. They have also been witnessed spending time in the holidays together and Kelly Ripa has also posted about Anderson’s kids too in her past. Ripa did not miss out on Wyatt’s birthday too. In April, she wished him his second birthday with the release of a collage of pictures of herself and Wyatt together and also one of him as an infant. Their wide smiles are visible in the pictures.

Anderson Cooper was screened in one of the episodes of Live with Kelly and Ryan after Sebastian’s birth and he narrated a story confessing Wyatt’s love for Lola Consuelos, Kelly Ripa’s daughter. He says that Sebastian’s love is so deep for Lola that it is like the kind of affection that burns off more than 1000 suns.

In an episode of Anderson Cooper 360, he announced the birth of Sebastian sharing his full name as Sebastian Luke Maisani-Cooper with his weight was 6.8 lbs at the time of his birth. Cooper happily announces that the baby was born happy and healthy with occasional hiccups which though a flaw, seemed adorable to the father Cooper. As an infant, Sebastian would mostly sleep, eat, and obviously poop but to Anderson, he already seemed like a guy who is thoughtful and wise.