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Stimulus Check Delays? Some Of The Reasons You Might Have Missed Out

The IRS is in the process of sending out the fifth round of the stimulus check. If you still haven’t received yours, here are some of the reasons that could have delayed or withheld your economic impact payment. They could be worth up to $1,400 per individual.

The obvious way to know the reason would be to rely on the IRS tracker tool. If it shows that your check has been sent and you should have received yours weeks ago, you need to follow up immediately.

Other Modes Of Payment For Your Stimulus Check

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If you are a non-filer, there is every chance your bank details are not with the IRS. So your check should be in your mail. it comes either as a pre-loaded debit card or a paper check. Start with the free tool of the US postal service which should give you information on any stimulus check that should end up in your mailbox soon.

If you receive Social Security Benefits like the SSDI or SSI, your stimulus payment could be added to your Direct Express. It will come in as your regular federal benefit payment. These monthly benefits are available on every payment day on time, every time.

Some Add-Ons To Your Stimulus Check That You Might Have Missed

You need to also be sure about the correct amount of your stimulus check. You could get more than $1,400 for various reasons. You might have welcomed a baby into your home in 2020. Or you might receive a stimulus check for a newly qualified dependent. If you are a member of any mixed-citizen family, you should have a fresh look at the amount you could get.

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An amount that you should also receive if you have kids at home is the Child Tax Credit, which is worth much more than the payment. Check up on that also.

Are You Eligible For The Stimulus Check?

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Before you follow up with the IRS, you need to be sure you even qualify for the stimulus payment.

Several reasons could bar you from receiving a stimulus check. The main reason is that your income is above the limit stipulated under various categories. The Adjusted Gross Income is the basis for calculating your stimulus payments. And there are three categories for calculating your payment.

Your Stimulus Check Depends Upon Your AGI

If you file as an individual, you qualify for the maximum amount of $1,400 in your check only if your payment is under $75,000. The amount is phased out above that amount and you lose the right to receive a stimulus payment if your income is $80,000 and above.

The corresponding amount for Head of Household is $112,500 and 120,000. For married couples filing jointly, an AGI of $150,000 is the limit for getting the maximum amount in your check. It gets phased out completely if your income crosses the $160,000 mark.

The Answer Might Lie In Your Bank

There is every chance that your payment didn’t go to the correct bank account. Or your account might have been closed or was a temporary account like TurboTax or Jackson Hewitt, used by millions as a tax Preparer. This later issue had affected the previous rounds of stimulus payment in 2020.

Contact your tax Preparer, or your bank, to know if an effort was made by the IRS for a direct deposit into the account. They might have an inner mechanism to follow up on such payments.

How Do I Know The Mode Of My Payment?

Payments up to March 24 were made mostly through direct deposit into banks. And later payments were through prepaid debit cards and paper checks sent out through the US postal service. So be sure to also track your payment through the postal service free tool, or check your mailbox.

Have You Filed Your Details With The IRS?

If you are a non-filer, there is every chance that the IRS doesn’t have your bank details. This prevents them from sending your stimulus payment by direct deposit into your account.

You could file your tax return for 2020 by the extended deadline that falls on May 17. This will update every information with the IRS. It includes your latest bank details, the total number of dependents who are also eligible for the stimulus payments, and any updates on your payment.

If your income is less this year, you could get a bigger check. There is every reason for it given the economic freefall after the pandemic.

Update Your Mailing Address With Both The IRS And The US Postal Service

stimulus check

If you have moved recently and failed to update that information with the IRS, there is every reason to believe that your stimulus payment went to the wrong address.

If you are awaiting any additional make-up money above the direct deposit in your bank, you will get a confirmation letter from the IRS that is mailed to the recipients. This piece of paper will help you avoid trouble in following up with the IRS. Or you will not receive your preloaded debit card or the paper check in the mail.

Inform the IRS and the US postal service immediately about your new mailing address. If your check hasn’t been processed, you should still get time. Or you might have to wait for a follow-up check later in 2021. It might even go as far as the 2022 tax season.

The Snail Mail Could Be Delaying Your Check

Your stimulus check could be delayed as the US postal service has to cope with this additional rush of mail. Be sure to use the free tool of the postal service that tracks mail at every stage. Also, be sure that you do not accidentally throw away the debit card or the paper check from your mailbox.

As the IRS has not offered the calling-up option this time, you can file a payment trace with the IRS. If you have at least received the mail from the IRS, you could refer to that in your correspondence with the IRS.

Could You Get An Additional Stimulus Check?

The IRS might owe you more than you have received in your check. They might have missed out on a vital piece of information such as the addition to the family in 2020 or updates on your income. They might even have based their calculation on the 2019 tax returns.

You could expect a follow-up payment in your mail. The stimulus calculator should help you to calculate the total amount you should receive from the IRS. Rely on the letter sent by the IRS.

The IRS is already sending out plus-up payments for any missing amount in your check.

You Could Lose Your Stimulus Check To Private Debt Collectors And Scammers

Your stimulus check could be garnished, but only by private collectors. Your only option is to reach out immediately to your credit union or bank. You might still have time to stop the garnishment.

There is the distinct possibility that someone stole personal information and swiped your check. Be sure to check for the confirmation letter that the IRS sends along with the payment and follow up immediately with the authorities.

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