Stimulus Check: List Of Things That Are Better Than That

stimulus check
stimulus check

In the current situation, the best thing there can ever be is the new round of stimulus check financial aid payments provided to the people. However, there is something that is still so much better than that and that is the checks of growing dividends. Those businesses that bring about an increase in the dividend payouts on a regular basis come with several advantages. 

Stimulus Check Or Stocks?

The advantages of the kind of businesses mentioned above include so many points. It begins by extending protection to investors from the dangers of inflation, providing the kind of income that will only increase with time, and outperforming stock markets. All of this is better than the stimulus check financial aid payments

There are a total of three stocks that have increased the dividend payout. It is to be noted that an increase took place in the past few weeks. The first one is Starbucks. This coffee giant is the leader in its domain. Their dividend for the quarter increased by a total of 9%. This took place at the beginning of this week. So this proves the fact that this is so much more profitable than the stimulus checks financial aid payments. Starbucks is followed by Lockheed Martin, the American defense company.

The total percentage of the hike that took place in the company is 7.7%. This also took place in the past week. The annual dividend of the defense company has been on the rise for the past 19 years. So investing in the stock of this company is preferable rather than waiting around for the stimulus check payments. The third company is “JP Morgan Chase & Co.” It is to be noted that the company is a very stable one when it comes to financial services.