Stimulus Check Possibility For The Fourth Round

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Stimulus Check has provided respite to a large number of Americans. The money received by the Stimulus Check helped the citizens pay off their debts. The IRS sent out the third check a few weeks back. The payments issued by the IRS amounted to 169million. The third round of checks worth $1400 was dispatched to 2million residents. 

The federal government has so far issued three sets of stimulus payments. They amounted to a total of $3200. The three checks were Coronavirus Aid Relief($1200), Economic Security Act ($600) & American Rescue Plan($1400). The American Rescue Plan was initiated in the month of March. 

However, these payments soon got exhausted. This resulted in the people demanding more money. Let us dive in to learn more about the possibilities below. 

Stimulus Check Four In Doldrums

America is witnessing a surge in covid-19 recently. The rate of infection along with the death rate has spiked up alarmingly. The Delta variant of the virus is threatening to bring another wave of destruction in the US. This is why the people are concerned. They are fearing another shutdown, which would mean a blow to the economy. 

The rate of unemployed Americans has also risen significantly. The current statistics show a 5.2% rate of unemployment. This is way more than the 3.2% which was recorded before the pandemic. A number of petitions have also surfaced. One of them has gained significant momentum. The online petition can be accessed at “”. The bill proposes a monthly payment of $2000 till the end of the pandemic. 

Stimulus Check demands are rising each day. However, the possibility of a fourth check is very much unlikely. The federal government does not seem keen on the idea. They are pushing rapid vaccination programs as alternatives.