WhatsApp Launches New Google Search Prompt In-Stream to Help Verify Highly-Forwarded Messages


A new WhatsApp feature that can assist in slowing the spread of misinformation is now launched. It will make users search for additional context immediately on any forwarded links by a quick Google search contained the message stream.

WhatsApp has explained that they are testing an easy way to double-check the content of forwarded messages by clicking the magnifying glass button in the chat.

WhatsApp search prompt

Supplying an easy way to search messages that have been forwarded many times may associate people to find sources of information or new results about the content they receive. WhatsApp began testing the new option back in March as part of different measures to handle worry about the fake news of COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, with its standard end-to-end encryption, and controlling reach in many areas, Whatsapp has become a target for many references looking to stop the fake coronavirus updates, with different cures and false advice being pushed through viral messages. Whatsapp added a limit on how many times a message could be forwarded in April, which actually lead to a big decrease in viral message sharing.

Messages that have been forwarded a lot are tagged with an arrow icon to highlight it, you can now quickly verify the information by the Google search, wonderfully, provide another way to stop the spreading of false information. The propagation of false information via Whatsapp has also raised calls from different references to spread more awareness into what people are sharing in the app.

Mother company Facebook has been called on by many government agencies around the world to supply an option for law enforcement groups to be able to split WhatsAppís encryption, the set-up of the app necessarily facilities illegal activity.

Facebook refused such thing and has vowed to develop encryption as something ordinary in all of its messaging apps, which has adjusted it on a path towards another clash with authorizes, many of people who are already worried about Facebook’s growing power.

Announcing new measures to help double-check forwarded information is a necessary, essential step, but it’s only one part of how to do with message sharing, which looks like a concerning element for Facebook for some time yet.