WhatsApp Goes On The Attack With A Serious Warning To Users


WhatsApp is on a determined road to tackle all the backlash it has faced in the past couple of months. And this determination may lead them even to break their promises about not deleting their accounts. And that is to simply lure its audience back. Or blackmail them to not leave their padded information behind. And this could be leading to something even more dangerous. But there are a couple of things to know before we go too far. WhatsApp, since the beginning of the year, has told us that the bigger the messaging, the best it is. 

The substitute messenger under Facebook has had an outroar against it, dating back to last year. And then, it fell in a scuffle against the tech-giant Apple. Apple had revealed a feature of warning users about which applications would consume their personal data. This made Facebook jump out of their bag. The terms of its messaging app, WhatsApp, have been ill-judged, and their scheme of collecting personal information is as good as blasphemy. It has all come down to the social media giant forcing their policy on the users— or pay the price of losing their entire history. 

WhatsApp Bizzare Blackmail

There were several meltdowns when the news of Facebook pushing WhatsApp to its limits seemed real. But that was nothing compared to how things are going now. Following the release of the news, Facebook and WhatsApp began explaining their latest terms and conditions. But now, it has been learned that defense is not always the best offense. And now, they are in full attack mode. 

WhatsApp is now warning all the subscribers that their personal chats will be used and read. When users would not accept the terms, as per the firm before, they wouldn’t delete the users’ accounts. But now, the promise is being broken upfront. It has only spoken on security and nothing else. 

Telegram and Signal both became the #1 app following the news by WhatsApp. But the latter has since taken over the top spot again as of late.