Which States Will Be Sending A Stimulus Check Payment This Summer?

stimulus check

Ever since the pandemic set in the country, the American population has been receiving various forms of stimulus check payments issued by the government- which include loans, rebates, one-off checks, and tax refunds. Although a lot of the federal stimulus payments ended up in 2021, several states have decided to continue providing their stimulus programs. As of the Summer of 2023, quite a few states out there are still distributing some form of payment to the eligible residents who filed for them within the deadlines which were specified. 

Stimulus Check Payment In A Few States Around The Country

In the state of Idaho, a couple of stimulus check programs were first brought to the mainframe in 2022. The first program went on to offer a tax rebate of $75 for every family member, or around 12% of the tax liability of the household based on the tax return for 2020. The second payment, which was called the Special Session Rebate, ended up amounting to $600 for joint filers, or around 10% of the tax liability of the household. Although most of the payments have been made already, there are still quite a few lingering payments being processed for the residents who filed for their tax returns later. 

In Illinois, there were two stimulus check payments implemented in 2022 that could be extended for Summer 2023. The property tax rebates, as well as the individual income tax rebate, could reach a combined sum of $700. However, due to the large number of payments to be delivered, the state might take some time for the distribution process to be done with. The eligibility for the income tax rebate was based on the 2021 AGI under $200,000, while the property tax rebate required an AGI under $250,000.