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A New Clue To Help Reveal The Real Person Behind Satoshi Nakamoto, The Pseudonymous Bitcoin Founder

Three emails that belonged to the initial phase of Bitcoin revealed that its founder made some contacts. Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin, partnered with some supporters during the launching phase of Bitcoin.

Any form of information, be it written or coded, is crucial for the community. However, this time around, things are not the same. What deserves the most attention, is something very different from codes or words. It is the timestamps that bring a whole another riddle.

Unfolding The Mystery Of The Bitcoin Founder, Not Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto
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The information was shared by Nathaniel Popper, an author, and a journalist. He had access to the correspondence of Finney, during one of his works. The author shared it with one of his acquaintances.

Finney, who passes away in 2014, was a one-of-a-kind legend. Apart from his other achievements, he was the one to develop the very first proof-of-work system that could be reused. He received the first-ever transaction of Bitcoin.

The Mysterious Clue In Tracing The Real Founder Of Bitcoin

In the emails mentioned from January 2009, Satoshi’s time zone appears to be worthy of attention. It is exactly eight hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). While we assume that it must be somewhere in Japan, as his handle points towards the fact that, it isn’t. during that time, Japan was more than eight hours ahead of the GMT.

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This isn’t it. The email server is equally intriguing. The email server of Finney is seen to have received both the emails before that of Satoshi.

According to the suggestions of a friend and colleague of Finney, Derek Atkins, there is a possibility that the email service issue might be due to the configuration of Satoshi’s computer.

It has been seven years of all the efforts that are put to reveal the real founder of Bitcoin behind Satoshi Nakamoto and it goes on.

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