With iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets, Pinterest Notices Record Downloads


With the new iOS 14 update from Apple, users are now super busy on Pinterest. They are looking for new ideas to decorate their home screens now that iOS 14 allows widgets on the home screen. Customization was not much of an option for iPhone users but iOS 14 is now bringing something new.

New Heights for Pinterest with iOS 14 Update

TechCrunch reported that Apptopia has confirmed the immense impact this iOS 14 update and customization had on Pinterest. Apptopia is an App Store intelligence firm. According to Apptopia, 21st September saw the most number of Pinterest daily downloads. The number stood at 616,000 for new installations globally. 

Not just Apptopia, another market intelligence firm known as Sensor Tower has another number for us. They say, the previous day, there were around 680,000 Pinterest downloads on both Android and iOS devices. The highest search was for images that can be used as custom icons, wallpapers that match the theme os widgets, and so on. 

Sensor Tower believes the record for most Pinterest downloads happened on the 20th, not 21st. 20th noted 800,000 installations worldwide. This shows a 32% week on week growth in reference to the 600,000 installations in the 13th September week. This was before the new iOS 14 update had been released to the general public.

Jumping Places

With such an immense boost in a matter of days, Pinterest has jumped from 47 to the 7th rank on the Top Free iPhone Apps charts in App Store. And this record was achieved in just 2 days. In the Lifestyle category for iPhones, Pinterest is the ruler. Pinterest has been in the top 2 spots in this category for iPhone users since February 2020. This was mostly due to the fact that people looked for new ideas to try while they were under the state-imposed lockdowns.

ios 14
With iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets, Pinterest Notices Record Downloads 2

The recent interest in the app is evident from its own homepage. It is filled with iOS 14 customization ideas. 

“The Pinterest home page today showcases ‌iPhone‌ design trends as one of its “Daily Inspirations,” where the collection “Trending wallpapers and aesthetic homes screen ideas” is currently sitting at the top of the page. Here, users are finding ‌iPhone‌ backgrounds and sharing other custom designs and icon sets for people to use in their own creations.”

How to create custom widgets in iOS 14?

One of the most intriguing aspects of the iOS 14 update is the ability to create customized icons with the Apple Shortcut application. Much like laptops and computers, iOS 14 users get to create a shortcut of their apps. The widget appears on the home screen and then they can add their own images to it.