Worldcoin Has Confirmed Its Stance On Mysterious Safe Deployments


It has been made clear that Worldcoin is the cause of a host of Safe deployments to the entire Optimism Network over the last week. This was reported through a social media post on the 27th June- from Tiago Sada, the head of the product for Worldcoin developer Tools for Humanity. The deployments have definitely caused quite a ruckus on Twitter, with several users wondering who caused them, and the purpose behind it. Some of them had gone on to speculate that it might be in the middle of a Sybil attack, or some kind of address-farming technique that was used to profit from coins that were distributed to the wrong address. 

Worldcoin Uses Safes Extensively

Worldcoin’s Safe, for those who are unaware, is a multi signature smart contract wallet. It is often in use by other development teams to make sure that multiple members of the same team have to sign off on each transaction that spends funds which are held commonly- or that upgrades an app. Such safes have also been in use in some of the newer consumer wallets that employ account abstraction- including those that provide gas-free transactions. What separates other development teams from Worldcoin is that the latter only uses Safes- since it provides one with gas-free transactions to verified humans. 

The team of Worldcoin also announced that it was now migrating its app from Polygon to Optimism. Then, for six days, Optimism address created around 50 subaccounts, of which every single one performed 10,000 and 15,000 transactions. On the 26th June, Spreek- an on-chain researcher, also noticed the increasingly strange transactions, and then reported them to the community through a Twitter thread.