Guaranteed Stimulus Check Payment Of $500 Coming In Soon

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Stimulus Check

Over the last three days, a guaranteed stimulus check program was issued in the state of California, which gave the recipients of El Monte a sum of $500 each, every month.

The recipients of this program would further receive their payments in the form of a debit card at the start of the month. For those who are wondering, the cards in question were then distributed to the participants at El Monte City Hall during an in-person presentation- regarding the program, and how one has to use the particular card. While the payments for the program would come in on the first of a month, the monthly payments will be issued on the Friday before the turn of the month- if the month starts on a Saturday or Sunday. This is exactly why the program will be sending its first payment on the 30th June, as mentioned by the community and economic development director of the city. 

Stimulus Check Program Coming In California

Overall, the stimulus check program will last over a year and will give the recipients a total of 12 payments. The final payment will then be issued on the 31st May, 2024. The program has been intended to help the mothers in the city- which is home to around 100,000 people. The applications for the program had been open for the public from 27th March, and they managed to remain open for just a little less than three weeks. The application window was then closed on the 15th April. The recipients for the guaranteed income program were then selected by the 26th April. 

In order to be eligible for this stimulus check payment, an applicant must be living in the city of El Monte, be a single female head of household with no partner or spouse, and have children who are younger than 17 years old. Applicants also have to verify that their income is under the federal poverty line, and have to show a need for financial assistance due to the pandemic.