Xbox Is Expanding Fast; What Does The Latest Bethesda Deal Mean?


Xbox has made it clear that it is making some major changes to the way they function. In a series of events, the gaming console manufacturer has made exciting deals with several studios. The company’s in-house gaming developers have also seen a massive boost as a result. The most recent deal made by Xbox is with ZeniMax, Bethesda’s parent company. 

Xbox’s recent expansion developments have spurred up many questions in the tech industry. Will gamers be seeing Bethesda titles on consoles other than Xbox? Even if Xbox decides to recoup Bethesda, will it be possible with such a giant price tag?

Here’s What Xbox Head Had To Say About The Issue

During a recent interview given to Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo, Phil Spencer, the gaming company’s head, said that Xbox can recoup Bethesda acquisition by simply sticking to Xbox. This means that gamers with PlayStations might not be able to play Elder Scrolls 6 or any of the Bethesda titles for that matter. 

Totilo asked Phil Spencer if it was possible for Xbox to ignore PlayStation and recited the $7.5 billion Bethesda investment. The simple reply that the head of Xbox gave was a simple “yes.” 

The head of Xbox also explained that the company already has a wide network of services and platforms for gamers to choose from. As it is, we have seen the gaming console manufacturer focus on its service sector than just manufacturing consoles in recent times. It looks like the company is sticking strong to its new business model.

Bethesda Titles To Be Available On Game Pass, PC, xCloud, Etc


Further elaborating on the issue, Phil Spencer said that the company is not looking to reduce the availability of Bethesda titles to gamers. However, he also is that the company is sufficiently capable of recouping the $7.5 billion investment without the help of competing gaming consoles. 

He also added that Xbox has sophisticated services like Game Pass, PC, xCloud, besides the Xbox gamer base. 

Game titles are a huge deal for gamers when deciding on which console to buy. Over the last couple of generations, PlayStation has had a stellar collection of exclusive game titles in comparison to Xbox. However, with the latest expansion streak, it looks like things are changing in the tech and gaming industry. 

Moreover, with services like Game Pass, xCloud, cross-platform plays, and increasing first-Party gaming titles, gamers won’t have to go anywhere to look for exciting conquests. 

During the interview, Phil Spencer seemed rather ambiguous about Bethesda titles and competitor consoles. While he said that Xbox is capable of handling its own, he did not outrightly say that Bethesda titles won’t be available on PlayStation. However, it’s quite unlikely that Xbox would support its rival console manufacturer.