NASDAQ: LBAI To Bring In $58.52 Million Quarterly Sales As Per Analysts


According to stock market analysts, NASDAQ: LBAI will announce $58.52 million in sales for this quarter. Four stock market analysts have also issued estimates for the company’s earnings. The estimates for Lakeland Bancorp Inc’s revenue range between $57.60 and $59.36. The coming announced $55.38 million in sales for this quarter in 2019. Taking the stock market analysts’ estimates into account, the company seems to have a 5.7 percent positive growth. 

On 22nd October, during a Thursday report, Lakeland Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: LBAI) will reveal its earnings for the quarter. 

As per Zacks Investment Research, analysts are anticipating that the company’s twelve months sales for this year will come to $233.97. The estimates range between $232.40 million and $235.50 million. As for the next FY, the stock market analysts predict that the Lakeland Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: LBAI) post sales will be $237.93 million. The estimated range between $231.19 and $249.30. 

What Do Stock Market Analysts Say About NASDAQ: LBAI?

BidaskClub increased its Lakeland Bancorp Inc stock a rating of “Hold” from a rating of “sell” on 7th October during a Wednesday report. DA Davidson issued a rating of “buy” on NASDAQ: LBAI shares on 14th September during a Monday report. Lastly, Zacks Investment Research decreased its Lakeland Bancorp Inc shares from a rating of “Hold” to a rating of “sell” on 26th September during a Saturday report. 

Two stock market analysts issued a rating of “sell” on Lakeland Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: LBAI) Stock. Meanwhile, one issued a rating of “hold land three used a rating of “buy” to NASDAQ: LBAI stock. Currently, the company has an average “hold” rating and an average price target of $13.00. 

On 24th July, during a Friday report, NASDAQ: LBAI revealed its latest earnings for the quarter. As per reports, the company saw a quarterly $0.23 earnings per share. The stock market analysts had predicted that the company would bring in $0.26. NASDAQ: LBAI also reported a net margin and return on equity at 21.99 percent and 8.47 percent. Lakeland Bancorp Inc also reported $56.00 Recent for the quarter. The stock market analysts had predicted that the revenue would be $56.53 million. 

How Did The Hedge Funds React To Lakeland Bancorp Inc’s Reports?

Meeder Asset Management Inc boosted its Lakeland Bancorp Inc holdings by 366 percent. They currently own an estimate of $25,000. Zurcher Kantonalbank Zurich Cantonalbank increased its NASDAQ: LBAI holdings by 324.9 percent. It currently owns an estimate of $120,000. Connell Peter B & Co inc recently acquired Lakeland Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: LBAI) position with $135,000. 

Note that 58.12 percent of NASDAQ: LBAI’s stock is under hedge funds and stock market institutional investors.