Xiaomi Headphones Review: Mi True Wireless Earphones 2

Xiaomi headphones review:

The Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic surely packs a punch with its heavy name, but does the product carry through? Mi launched the headphones a few months back and this Basic version is the cheaper version minus the support of LHDC high-def audio. Mi AirDots 2 SE was released in China back in May, and the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic seems to be its global option. Here’s our Xiaomi headphones review:

Xiaomi headphones review: Case and design

This €40 pair of wireless headphones is a bit larger and feels different than its flagship counterparts. The case will comfortably fit most pockets and the headphones inside will remind you of AirPods. But the stems in the Xiaomi headphones run longer.

Xiaomi headphones review:


Xiaomi phone owners will need to tap on one notification to connect to the headphones in ear. And iOS and Android owners will need to go to the Bluetooth settings and tap on it to connect. On Xiaomi phones, you will also be able to track how much charge is left in your Mi TWS2 Basic case. And when battery goes low, the earphones will flash a small white LED.

Charging and Battery

The case comes with a 410 mAh battery and you can charge your earphones about 4 times. The magnetic box connects with the pins at the end of the pieces to charge via a USB-C port. Each full charge for the entire case takes 90 minutes, as advertised. And charging just the earphones takes about 40 minutes.

Xiaomi headphones review: Operation

The headphones in ear work with a touch on both sides. Three different tap zones give you multiple options to control the earphones and other parts. You can double-tap to answer/end call, play/pause music, and launch your voice assistant 

Sound quality

Unfortunately, the cheaper price tag has affected the sound quality of the device. It turns shallow and the high-pitched sounds too come out quite poorly. The only good thing it seems is the vocals that come through. So if you are keener on podcasts and streaming, you can easily go for this Xiaomi option. 

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The working distance is 10m for a wall-less area and should work fine after 2 walls with doors.

Battery Life

The Xiaomi headphones promised 5 hours of playback if the volume is at 50%, and our review found it even exceeding that. With the volume at 65%, we could use the Mi TWS2 Basic for 5 hours, and then 10% charge was left.

When it comes to calls, when using one earphone, you can easily get 7 hours of noise-canceled calls.

Xiaomi headphones review:

Overall, in our Xiaomi headphones review of the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic, we found it okay for the price tag it comes with. Not the best choice for music lovers, but works great for long calls with its excellent noise cancellation technology.