Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro: The Best Cheap Superior Quality Phone?

Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro

While there are a lot of smartphones, Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro is one of the most affordable one that offers much higher quality features than others. Is this what we had been waiting for?

Xiaomi continues to surprise us with the high quality smartphones it’s releasing into the market for much cheaper prices. The latest Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro comes for just 599 Euros. 

Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro Details

Let’s look into the finer details of Xiaomi’s latest smartphone and appreciate the beauty of it all. 

It boasts a storage capacity of 128 GB and comes with a RAM of 8 GM. We should note here that the 649 Euros Xiaomi model has double the storage capacity. 

Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro is powered by the SnapDragon 865 chipset. It comes with a 108 megapixel main camera and three other cameras. Another thing to note is that all of Xiaomi’s smartphones support 5G. So, this one is a 5G phone too. It’s battery boasts 5000 mah. Customers will receive a charger in the package. What’s great about the charger? With 33 W fast charging capacity, it can charge your phone up in just one hour. 

It has a screen refreshment of 144 hz, and its screen spreads at 6.67 inches. 

The design of Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro is sleek with a full HD resolution IPS panel. It covers the entire frontal part of the device. The camera is present in a small home. Apart from this, this smartphone has a great presence. 

Xiaomi Mi 144 Hz Refresh Rate: The Best You Can Find

Although it’s sharpness is okayish. Though not great, it is acceptable given that the device comes for only 599 Euros. The 144 hz balances the lack of high sharpness. It’s refresh rate is one of the best in the business. You can also opt to operate through 60 or 90 hertz. 

The back of Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro features a huge square that contains the smartphone’s camera. You might think that it would work against the sleek design of the smartphone. You might be surprised at how this square goes together with Xiaomi’s design. 

Adjusting the camera is one of those things that smartphone manufacturers have accepted that it’s best to accentuate it than to try and hide it. The only thing that might deter you from the bulky square in the back is that when you put it down on a table, it floats in the air like a springboard. If that’s your thing, go ahead and buy Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro, it’s a super cute and affordable smartphone. 

Like other trends that have spread like wildfire across manufacturers is the glass body trend. Although everyone loves this look, the only downside is that it gets smudged a lot. With ginger stains and greases, it does not have the same appeal as a fresh and clean glass body. However, you can easily get the look by wiping the phone in your shirt sleeve. 

Do You Like The Large Size Of Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro Smartphone?

Aside from all the great features this 599 Euros smartphone brings, there’s one thing that might harm its desirability. What is that, you ask? Well, it’s the big and clunky size of the smartphone. 

Although Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro is quite large in size, it’s not quite heavy. The problem is that it’s not quite light weight either. It can feel uncomfortable to use with just your single hand. And if you want to browse through your notifications, it’s even more difficult. 

Even so, the placement of the fingerprint sensor of the smartphone makes up other discomfort. Its placed on the right corner of the phone’s screen. It’s quite accurate and fast once you get used to the size of the phone, which might take a few hours. 

If you are left-handed, you can use your index finger for the fingerprint sensor. It looks like Xiaomi has taken left-handed user’s comfort into consideration as well. 

Macro And Ultra Wide Angle Camera 

Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro comes with four cameras. It’s main camera boasts 108 megapixel. Moreover, it has a macro and an ultra wide angle lens as well. 

Many users have taken this point to pick at Xiaomi’s latest model. While the camera works perfectly outdoors, indoor photography doesn’t seem too good on this device. 

However, the good news is that the Portrait mode does not have such problems. Moreover, for the cheap price Xiaomi is offering Thai smartphone for, the camera quality is more than enough. 

We have looked into all the finer details of the Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro. Now, have you noticed that a lot of its features are similar to other smartphones of much higher price? For example, Xiaomi’s latest reveal can easily rival some of Galaxy’s features. The major upside is that Xiaomi offers its services at almost half an iPhone or a Galaxy’s price. 

Xiaomi Mi 10 t Available For 499 Euros

What’s more? If you think that this smartphone is not that affordable, Xiaomi offers you even cheaper options. You can go for Xiaomi Mi 10t for just 499 Euros. 

Like we said, Xiaomi keeps surprising us. Xiaomi Mi 10t, unlike Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro, does not have a 108 megapixel main camera. Its camera comes with a 64 megapixel lens. This won’t bother customers who are not really looking for camera-centric smartphones. 

For people who are looking for cheap high quality functioning smartphones, Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro might be the best option available in the market.